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Key Features

About us - one click and customers know about you

Opening hours - tell customers when you are open for business

Products - highlight your products

Services - highlight your services

Photos - showcase your photos

Your news - share your news

Blog - share your blog

Full website - link to your full website

Other content - create one click icons to highlight other content

Call us - one click for your customers to call you

Find us - Google map and directions

Call me back - call your customers back

Reservations - let your customers request a reservation

Leave a message - clients can leave a message requesting information

Information updates - your clients opt-in to receive regular updates

Discounts - your special offers

Tell-a -friend - your customers can SMS a friend about you

Social networking - let your customers connect with you on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Search engine optimization - be found and drive traffic

Traffic stats - know where your customers are going on your site

Testimonials - Let your clients tell others about your services