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System&Software Development

Richrenda Technologies delivers highly customized solutions designed to meet your specific business goals and to facilitate transaction visibility, cost effective process control and work efficiency. The agility of our solutions propels achievement of your business potential, increased profits and execution timeliness in a risk free environment. Some of the systems we do develop are below.

Our software application and systems are custom desktop and web applications. 

  • Procurement Management Systems
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • Contracts Management System
  • Finance/Accounts Management Systems
  • Time & Attendance Management Systems
  • Human Resources Management Systems
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Systems
  • Petty Cash Management Systems
  • Invoicing Systems 

Procurement Management Systems

  • Procurement planning
  • Data import/export
  • Requisition
  • Procurement audit
  • Emails alerts on procurment plans pending approvals
  • Local purchase orders
  • Email alerts on procurement plans pending approvals

Human Resources Management Systems

  • Staff Acquisition
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Management
  • Staff Exit Management
  • Document Repository
  • Custionmised Reports
  • Email Alerts, Annoucenment and Events

Monitoring & Evaluation Systems

  • Program/Project Directory
  • M&E Structure setup
  • Project Targets and Baseline setup
  • Custom Indicator Builder
  • Milestone tracking
  • Dynamic Data Entry Forms
  • Personalized Dashboards
  • Performance Narratives

Contracts Management System

  • Contracts Creation & Authoring
  • Contracts Collaboration and Negotiation
  • Contracts Execution Module
  • Contracts Administration Module
  • Contracts Closeout/Renewal and Analysis
  • Centralized display of all the clients contracts

Finance/Accounts Management Systems

  • Currency Management
  • Ledger Management
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Budget Checking
  • Transaction Tracking
  • Advanced Final Reports and Analysis

Why Richrenda Technologies?

  • Efficiency: The systems developed by Richrenda Technologies eliminate repetitive processes and greatly reduces the need to manually enter information. The system also streamlines business processes and makes it easier and more efficient for organization to collect data.
  • Integrated Information: Instead of having data distributed throughout a number of separate databases. We enable all information to be located in a single database.
  • Customized Reporting: We make reporting easier and more customizable. With improved reporting capabilities, an organization can respond to complex data requests more easily
  • Customer Service: Sales and customer service people can interact with customers better and improve relationships with them, through faster, more accurate access to customer’s information and history.
  • Security: We improve the accuracy, consistency and security of data. Restrictions to data can also be enhanced.